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Events In November

March against Racism and Fascism

March against Racism and Fascism


Date: 17 November 2018

Duration: 1 days.

Events In December



McClaren House, 19th floor Priory Queensway B7 4LR

Date: 03 December 2018

Duration: 1 days.

Birmingham Retired Members Group

The Branch Retired Members Group is one of the strongest and most active within the union. It has over 2,500 members and is steadily growing.

£15 is the one-off lifetime subscription to become a Retired Member of UNISON. You can get an application from from the branch office (0121 200 3331)

Our retired members produce a quarterly magazine for all our retired members.

There is also a social and discussion group which retired members can join for just £10 per year. This entitles them to attend the monthly coffee mornings with a wide range of outside speakers. This is a very popular monthly meeting and a good opportunity to maintain contact with friends and colleagues.

The Retired Members Group takes part in the UNISON Retired Members structures, including sending delegates to regional committee and the annual Retired Members Conference.

The Group is affiliated to the West Midlands Pensioners Convention. The Group actively campaigns and takes part in public consultation exercises on a wide range of issues of concern to retired members. Examples of this are campaigns to Save the NHS, to protect Ring and Ride transport services, for the rights of retired members as benefot claimants and to get a decent pension.

The 2017 dates for the Committee Meetings (Monday's) and Coffee Morning's (Wednesday's) are as follows:

  • Monday 9th January
  • Wednesday 18th January (Sub's due (£10)
  • Monday 6th February
  • Wednesday 15th February (Bring and Buy)
  • Monday 6th March 
  • Wednesday 15th March (AGM)
  • Monday 3rd April
  • Wednesday 19th April
  • Monday 8th May
  • Wednesday 17th May
  • Monday 5th June
  • Wednesday 21st June
  • Monday 3rd July
  • Wednesday 19th July (Outing - no meeting)
  • Monday 7th August
  • Wednesday 16th August
  • Monday 4th September
  • Wednesday 20th September
  • Monday 2nd October
  • Wednesday 18th October
  • Monday 6th November
  • Wednesday 15th November
  • Monday 4th December (Cards)
  • Wednesday 20th December (Carols)





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