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Teaching assistant's good news!


During Heart Unison week recently we asked for good news stories and we have got one from Schools.

Recently , a group of Teaching Assistants (T.A.) in a south Birmingham school has been asked to cover for teachers. This is not unusual on occasions, but they were being asked to do this on a regular weekly basis.

There were a group of about 20 union and non-union members and they were encouraged to stand together and fight this practice. School mangers were told that the Teaching Assistants were not paid, qualified or insured to teach outside of their contract on a regular basis.

Standing together and standing firm on thier contract , the Head of School backed down and the Teaching Assistants won.


If you have any "good news" stories on how the Unison has helped you or campaigns you've won, please let us know. We promise no personal details will be revealed .




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