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City Council Updates

Stopping Cuts and Redundancies

Birmingham Branch opposes the cuts to jobs, services and terms/conditions which are part of the Austerity drive of the ConDems.

We also are committed to giving the best protection possible to our members who are facing these cuts. Birmingham Branch Officers, Senior Stewards and stewards are continually involved in consultation and negotiating process about council cuts, service restructurings and redundancy processes.

If you would like to know what is happening in your service, first speak to your local steward if you have one. Otherwise, contact the Branch Assistant Branch Secretary for your Directorate who will put you in touch with the senior stewards and stewards who are taking part in the consultation meetings.

Contact for

   People - Adults
   People - Children

As a Branch, we also work closely with local and national campaigning groups who combine members of the community, service users and trade unions to fight the austerity policies of the coalition government.

Our main partners are :

Birmingham Against The Cuts

Contact Birmingham Against the Cuts:


Facebook: Birmingham Against The Cuts

Twitter: Follow @BrumAgainstCuts

c/o Birmingham Trades Council
 The Warehouse
 54/57 Allison Street
 B5 5TH

Phone messages can be left on 0121 643 8668

The People's Assembly

1. is a broad united national campaign against austerity, cuts and privatisation in our workplaces, community and welfare services, based on general agreement with the signatories’ Founding Statement.

2. is linked to no political party, committed to open non-sectarian working and dedicated to supplementing, rather than supplanting, trade union, student, pensioner and community opposition to austerity measures.

3. is based on affiliation by individual supporters, unions nationally and locally, anti-cuts campaigns, and other student, pensioner, unemployed, disabled people’s, women’s, Black people’s, youth and LGBT campaigning organisations.

4. aspires to support, encourage, coordinate joint action, and facilitate a transfer of experience rather than to command.

5. encourages the establishment of new local campaigns and/or People’s Assemblies.

6. organises newsletters, a website, twitter, Facebook and social media, meetings, conferences, lobbies, rallies, marches, demonstrations and other events.

7. vehemently opposes all proposals to “solve” the crisis by discrimination or scapegoating on  grounds of disability, race, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation or identity.

8. liaises closely with similar movements in other countries resisting austerity measures.

9. encourages a wide debate on how to protect the welfare state and develop an alternative programme for economic and social recovery.

Unite The Resistance

We are a group of trade unionists from the NUT, PCS, Unison, Unite and UCU who called a national convention to discuss the coordinated strike action which took place on 30 November 2011.

The conference brought together trade union activists, anti-cuts campaigners, young people, students and pensioners in order to build the widest possible support for the strikes.

Since then we have organised a number of conferences and strive to organise solidarity for those fighting back against austerity.

Disabled People Against The Cuts (DPAC)

DPAC is about disabled people and their allies. DPAC is UK based but we know that disabled people in other countries are suffering from austerity cuts and a lack of fundamental rights. We welcome all to join us in fighting for justice and human rights for all disabled people.

Disabled people should not be the scapegoats for the financial mistakes of governments, should not be constantly told that there is no money to support them by millionaire politicians.  We will not tolerate further erosion of our living conditions or our human rights, nor will we sit quietly while they try to take our rights away.

DPAC was formed by a group of disabled people after the 3rd October mass protests against cuts in Birmingham, England. The 3rd October saw the first mass protest against the austerity cuts and their impact on disabled people-It was led by disabled people under the name of The Disabled Peoples’ Protest.

Black Activists Rising Against The Cuts (BARAC)

National co-chairs; Zita Holbourne & Lee Jasper. The four main objectives of the campaign are:
To campaign and defend jobs and services.
To highlight the disproportionate and adverse impact of reduction in public spending on black communities,
To provide a campaigning platform to fight against cuts,
To work in partnership/build alliances with others facing similar attacks.




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