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Tue, 10 October 2017

Sign Petition Vs 1 Per cent Pay Limit

Remove the 1% public sector pay cap.

Teachers, nurses etc deserve a pay rise too

10,000 signers of this petition and the Government has to respond, 100,000 and it has to be debated in Parliament.

We have still the loss of 20% in real terms in five years for Local Government pay to get back. Osborne's 4 year pay chill will see us falling further behind. Sign up to oppose the 1% pay limit.

Here's what the petition says.

"People working in the public sector have already suffered 5 years of no pay rises and increased pension costs. Another 5 will plunge thousands into poverty. Britain deserves a pay rise? Well so do the hard working poorly paid public servants.

An independent study into regional pay in the public sector showed that in all areas of the country public servants were underpaid compared to private counterparts before the recession. We've already endured 5 years of nothing, please give us a fair deal as you have repeatedly said 'Britain needs a pay rise' well so do the poorly paid public servants. "

Please Sign This Petition




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Opened 12 Dec 2017, closes 15 Jan 2018. The Budget consultation document and online survey is here:
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