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Speak Up for Schools leaflet

Schools support staff ballot is on!

School support staff in Engalnd will be asked whether they are prepared to take industrial action over the way the Government cuts are affecting their jobs and employment.

Unison wants to know what you think and what you are prepared to do to help us defend schools against further cuts and job losses.

It's about stopping workload increases and defending your pay, terms and conditions.

What happens next?

Check that Unison has your current e-mail address at

Unison will send you an e-mail when the ballot opens explaining how you can vote.

Visit to get more information.

To vote you will need your date of birth , national Insurance number or UNISON membership number.


Unison will hold an ONLINE indicative ballot in January.It opens on January 22nd.

Please read the above  and let us know your e-mail address if you have recently changed it and you work for schools. Thank you.


The Background: 

The cuts:

Real terms cuts of £2.8 billion since 2015

Primary schools have had an average cut of £45,000 a year

Secondary schools average cut is £185,000 a year

But each school is different see your school at

New Funding:

£400 million for "little extras" -for one year.

£350 million for SEND (special educational needs) funding for over 2 years.

One off payments

They need a long term plan for Education funding.

Support staff cuts and restructuring:

overall increase in support staff up to 2016, but only in primary schools

Big job losses in secondary schoolls: eg 10% cuts in technicians and teaching assistants since 2013.

2017 onwards -job losses across all school types.

Unison survery in 2018 showed rthat there was

33% reduction in staff delivering pastoral care last year.

76% recently subject to restructuring and 38% said they'd had more than one restructure in the last 5 years.

The impact on staff and pupils: from UNISON surveys.

Increased stress and workload

Over a quarter of staff work more than 6 unpaid hours a week.

70% do work previously done by a higher grade staff and half of them are not trined to do it.

20% had time off work with stress related issues in the last five years.

90% of pastoral care staff regularly go home worrying about pupil welfare and safety.

Need for a ballot:

There's no evidence that the funding crisis will get better.

Unison has written , lobbied and campaigned

Government response has been not very much

If thre's no change, how many people will leave, become ill or get worse pay and conditions.

thre needs to be a Comprehensive Spending Review in 2019.

Questions on the ballot form:

  1. Do you belive the government funding cuts are having a negative effect on jobsm workloads, stress, pay  and terms  and conditions in schools?
  2. Do you believe that UNISON should continue to campaign on school funding for jobs, pay and terms and conditions?
  3. Would you be prepared to take industrial action to secure more money for jobs, pay and terms and conditions in schools?



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