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pay strikers

Regional pay threat to Brum workers

Unison and Labour MPs condemed the Government's idea to introduce regional public sector pay. It would mean people in Birmingham being paid less than there London counterparts for doing the same job.

It's been reported that Philip Hammond is trying to introduce it in the forthcoming budget.

Liz Truss, the chief secretary to the Treasury, said that in future, public sector pay rises would be also be focused on retention, performance and productivity. She emphasied performance above all. So it looks like the days of national pay settlements are being threatened. Worringly she added  that independent pay review bodies that make recommendations only operate in an 'advisory' capacity. This underlines it's the Government that make the final say on pay.

According to the  Birmingham Post

"Over time, it would mean public sector workers in areas such as the West Midlands receive less pay than people doing the same job elsewhere, on the grounds that local private sector employers already pay less.

But critics say that the scheme would simply entrench regional pay gaps.

Any regional pay scheme would come on top of the existing London allowance already paid to some public sector workers."

Edington MP Jack Dromey said "There's no reason why West Midlands and Birmingham workers should get less pay for the same job."

Unison boss Dave Prentis said ""Regional pay is a complete non-starter for public sector workers, who have already seen the value of their wages fall massively under this Government"

Former Chancillor George Osbourne tried to push this idea through in the Liberal coalition days but failed because of Liberal opposition.



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