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Tue, 20 June 2017

Pay Consultation Ballots In Post

The Local Government employers have made a revised proposal to our national negotiators. This is being put out to consultation to union members.


What Is The Proposal ?

The proposal is effectively a two year deal for this and next year. It is in two parts :

  1. a lum sum of £100 for all staff on Spine Point 11 and above (that's Grade 2 and above in Birmingham). The lump sum is not consolidated into your annual pay. There are higher sums proposed for those below Spine Point 11, of £325 or £150, but in Birmingham our Grade 1s all get the Living Wage which is already higher than these proposals. We believe the lumo sum will be paid to our Grade 1s. The National Guidance is that it should be.
  2. a 2.2% increase from 1 January 2015 for Spine Point 11 and above (Grades 2 - 7) to cover the whole period until the end of March 2016, ie fifteen months. There are higher percentage increases for Spine Points below 11 which again with the effect of the Living Wage would not increase the actual pay of our Grade 1 members.
  3. an unconsolidated lump sum paid to those on spine points 26 (around the top of Grade 3 which is from Spine Point 20 - 28) and above of 0.45% minus £100 to be paid in April 2015. This makes up for the fact that for those on higher spine points the £100 sum plus three months of 2.2% (January to March 2015) adds up to less than 1%. This third payment makes up the difference.
  4. the deletion of spine point 5 from 1 October 2015

Full details are shown on the accompanying document.

Download Revised Pay Proposals  

What Happens Next

Branch members affected by the NJC Pay Dispute will shortly be receiving a branch consultative ballot mailing. Please look out for the envelope in the post. The deadline for receiving your vote is 12.00 noon Wednesday 12 November. That's a tight deadline but we are sending out around 10,000 ballot papers and that has taken some time. Please vote as soon as you can.

Download Branch Pay Consultation Newsletter

Download UNISON National Pay Consultation Leaflet

The Branch Executive has discussed the proposals and voted unanimously to recommend rejection.

Our pay comparison chart below shows how little these proposals would give us compared to the 1% offer we already rejected earlier this year (assuming a second 1% in 2015/6). For example, a Grade 3 member in the middle of her grade would get an extra £45.23 by the end of 2016 over and above a 2 x 1% pay deal. That’s BEFORE Tax, National Insurance, Pension contributions etc.

We understand Grade 1 members should get the lump sum in December 2015 and in April 2015 their total pay, with the Living Wage supplement, will increase with any annual change to the national Living Wage.

For most Birmingham UNISON members affected by this dispute earn more than Scale Point 10 and therefore will only get 2.2%, plus the lump sums. The 2.2% increase is spread out over 2 years.




New Revised Proposals -

Extra Received After 2 Years

Over a 1% deal in 2014/5

& 1% in 2015/6


Starting Spine Point

Mid Point of Grade

End Spine Point


see notes above


 £      61.31

 £      57.84

 £      53.25


 £      51.54

 £      45.23

 £      47.87


 £      49.76

 £      56.23

 £      62.29


 £      64.11

 £      71.53

 £      78.66


 £      80.47

 £      89.46

 £    100.58


 £    103.49

 £    117.18

£     134.32


More reasons why you should reject the proposals.

  1. Other than a £100 one-off payment, you will receive no back pay in 2014.
  2. For most Birmingham UNISON members affected by this dispute earn more than Scale Point 10 and therefore will only get 2.2%, plus the lump sums. The 2.2% increase is spread out over 2 years.
  3. Other than a £100 one-off payment, you will receive no back pay in 2014.
    This comes nowhere near to make up for the 20% reduction in your real wages over the last five years.
  4. Other unions still have live disputes that we can link with teachers, civil servants, firefighters and our own UNISON colleagues in health.
  5. The Government and the Local Government Association want a 2 year pay deal so there are no strikes around the General Election. They are worried about that happening, which means we are in a stronger position than we were in July. We can get more than this poor offer.
  6. If we had done nothing we would have got 2% over those 2 years anyway. Looked at over two years, you would receive in total 3.01%. ie 1% in 2014/5, that 1% again 2015/6 as the previous increase would be  consolidated into your salary, and another 1% in 2015/6.

We urge you to support the view of our branch.

Use your vote and REJECT.



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