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No More Brum Cuts Battle Bus brum cuts -john clancy

No More Brum Cuts


Council Leader John Clancy and and Richard Burden, MP. Petition signing in Northfield. recently signed our petition whilst visiting the battle bus in Northfield.(see picture)


Join us or sign online No#BrumCuts and read below about how YOU can help.

The campaign aginst the cuts explained and how YOU can help ! The local media and councillors and some MPs are also campaigning to say" Enough's Enough!" to the Government!

Dear UNISON Member

We are writing to you because we need your help to stop cuts to the essential services you provide and the people of Birmingham need for our city to thrive. Since 2010 the Government have cut the Council budget by £450 Million, this means we have already lost services such as the Meals on Wheels. Almost all our Neighbourhood Offices have closed, our Youth Services have been shattered and many other services now operate on a shoe string with far fewer staff – as you know in 2016 there is more to come.

We have gone from a workforce of 21,000 to one of just under 13,000 and this will drop to 7,000 if the Tories get their way.

Support staff in schools have also been affected by Government cuts and the Acadamisation of our schools. Now staff are being threatened with cuts to their pay and terms and conditions too.  This all has a detrimental effect on our children’s education.

All of the services that make our city a cohesive place to live and work are under threat.  Our libraries, our rubbish collection and street cleansing services, care for our elderly and disabled and our environmental health services – all under threat because of government cuts.

We believe that the government’s priorities are wrong.

Allowing wealthy companies to avoid paying their fair share of tax while cutting essential services for the majority is not acceptable. In the fifth richest economy in the world we can afford to have world class services for all our citizens.  As tax payers we bailed out the banks and have been paying for that ever since. 

In the meantime the thousand richest UK citizens have doubled their wealth since 2010, this rise in their wealth is enough to pay off the whole deficit in one go. The truth is that the gap between the rich and the poor has widened significantly under the Tories as the wealthy hide their money in tax havens and a growing number rely on food banks.  This means that the money that should be there for essential services is not.

Austerity is a political choice it isn’t a necessity.

We have started a Parliamentary Petition to ask for the extra £98 Million for Birmingham that we would have got if the funding formula for councils was fair. This is money that should have been paid to the council from 2014 to 2016.

If 100,000 people who live and work in the city sign the petition, then there will be a debate in parliament about funding for local services.  Our MP’s can put the case for the proper funding of all services, not just now but for the future as well. The campaign is supported by the Labour party, UNISON and lots of other organisations.

From the cradle to the grave, council services are in integral part of our community life. They were fought for in the past and we need to fight to save them now.  When David Cameron’s mother signed a petition in Oxford the Government found an extra £300 million fund to help struggling councils – every penny went to Tory shire counties not a penny is coming to Birmingham.

Sign the petition here

Please ask your family and friends to sign too. There are 28,000 UNISON members that either live or work in Birmingham, if all of us got 3 other people to sign the petition we would meet our target.

 If you are member of a club, a sporting or faith community or involved with any activity that involves lots of others you could help us by inviting someone from the campaign to come and visit.  We can provide a campaigner to come and address your community or just be there with a laptop to sign people up to the petition.

As residents of Birmingham this campaign belongs to us all.  We will be holding stalls around the city, taking part in events and visiting groups to get signatories so if you would like to help us in any way then please fill in the attached sheet.

Best wishes 

Caroline Johnson

Branch Secretary

Unison Birmingham Branch

Download Volunteer Form No More Brum Cuts File



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