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Home Care Rotas Update

Wednesday 25 /11/15


We met with Home Care Managers on Thursday 19 November and discussed how our North members might be supported through the remaining weeks of the 3-in-5 rotas. Management said they would be holding open sessions, with representation available from UNISON, at which individual staff from North could discuss the problems they have with the rota up to 4 January, and alterations could be agreed to the rota.

We have agreed to have regular meetings with management.

We are asking North members to contact us if you would like some UNISON representation to resolve problems in your rota for the weeks up to January 4th. Please text us on 07584 707 257 or email us on Please make sure you put your name in the message you text or email.

We also confirmed the timetable for what happens between now and 1 April 2016 when new rotas will be implemented.


November & December 2015 Identify issues members want to be addressed in the new rotas, including workshops, surveys and other means
January 2016  Agree rules for new rota system and consider alternative rotas
February 2016  Consult with staff about rotas designed in January
March 2016  Period of Notice for new rotas 
1 April 2016  New rotas start operating 


We will be contacting members in the near future with some proposals about how we gather together the rota and operational issues.


Thursday 19/11/15

Hundreds Attend Members Meeting On Wed 18 November


Hundreds of Home Care members took part in the first cross-city members meeting yesterday at Carr's Lane Church Centre. There was huge support for continuing the dispute to achieve fair rotas and to deal with travel time to/from home to work, weekend/shift allowances and your grading.

The next meeting with Home Care management takes place this morning.

We send out a big thank you to all who took part and all those who were unable to make it but still support the dispute.

The meeting was addressed by Branch Secretary, Caroline Johnson, Branch Officer Graeme Horn, and two major UNISON colleagues from outside the branch. Sue Brearley, a home carer herself from Wolverhampton, is the National Chair of UNISON's Home Care Forum. Ravi Subramanian is the UNISON West Midlands Regional Secretary covering hundreds of UNISON branches within the five counties of the West Midlands region.

There were questions and comments from the home carers in attendance. We will be writing a fuller report to send you, but the talks come first today.

The biggest rounds of applause were for the North home carers who spoke passionately about the effects of the 3-in-5 rota they are having to work for another 7 weeks. Members from South and Central fully understood how hard it must be to work the rotas which they had seen but not yet worked for themselves. There was a great sense of compassionate solidarity with our North members,

We will be raising the issues for North with management today.

There was a handout at the meeting which you can download here.

Yours in solidarity


Caroline Johnson, Branch Secretary

Graeme Horn, Branch Officer

Lisa Kelly, Senior Steward Home Care

Mark New, UNISON Regional Officer


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