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Enablement update

Birmingham City Council are planning to cut the enablement service by 40% which will mean some staff will be made voluntarily redundant, if enough staff do not apply for redundancy then there will be a selection process to see who will keep their jobs and who will be made redundant.

Birmingham City Council also plan to implement a rota which would mean that grade 2 staff potentially would have to work 3 shifts per day (7-10am, 12-14:00 & then 15:00-20:00 or even extended to 10pm.

Unison does not agree with these rotas as staff would be out of the house for up to 13 hours a day and not get paid during the hours in between that they don’t work.
We handed in a petition to Councillor Hamilton to oppose these cuts and rota’s and will be hopefully  holding members meetings on 24th, 26th and 27th October (venues to be confirmed). 

We would ask that members attend these meetings and we will keep you all up to date so please make sure that Unison has your correct contact details including your email address and telephone number.



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