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Council Cuts 2016 Section 188 Issued


Wednesday 9 December Update

Today the Council commenced a consultation round with trade unions, staff and the public on budget cuts for 2016/7 and 2017/8. The Government now makes councils set a two year budget.

For next year (2016/7), they are cutting £90m and in 2017/8 a further £75m.

The workforce job cuts for 2016/7 are 1,218 full time equivalent posts, from a workforce of around 12,300. Management say of the total workforce, 10,710 employees are in work areas facing job cuts.

They have not given us the job cuts for 2017/8.

The council has already cut £560m of services since 2010/11. Thousands of jobs have already been cut.

Downoload bulletin on the proposed cuts and threats to our terms and conditions of services

Tuesday 1 December Update

We are encouraging members to attend BCC's public consultation meetings on the cuts that they are proposing to make in 2016/17. The City Council are only holding two public consultation meetings for people to have their views on the £250 MILLION of cuts that they are planning for 2016/17. This is despite UNISON urging them to have more public consultation.

The meetings are at:

6.00pm - 8.00pm on Tuesday, December 15

The Lighthouse Centre, St Barnabas Church, High Street, Erdington


6.00pm - 8.00pm on Wednesday, December 16

The Council House, Victoria Square

Free places can be reserved online here:

Additionally, from 9 December you can have your say in an online survey at


Wednesday 25 November Update

We now have the date for when the Council will be publishing its consultation paper on the Budget for 2016/7 and also producing the Section 188 legal notice of commencement of consultation about job and service conditions cuts.

It will be Wednesday 9 December 2015.

There will be public consultation up until early January and the budget will be agreed at a Council meeting on 1 March 2016.

Formal consultation with the unions on proposals with staffing implications will continue after that date.

The council unions met with Chief Executive, Mark Rogers, today (25/11/15) and he went through the general principles which were circulated at public meetings in the last few weeks. He was not in a position to give details on the actual cut proposals as these are being finalised by the Labour Group and will go to a Cabinet Meeting on Monday 30 November.

The council is designing its new operating model around four areas of work

Preventing Family Breakdown

Sustainable Neighbourhoods

Maximising Independence of Adults

Jobs and Growth

But the overall approach is still around attempting to reduce the demand for council services and requiring the community to take over services provided by the council.

They are preparing the public to make big shifts in the way the council will look in the years ahead, including

 Moving From   Moving to
 All purpose council  A strategic council
 Council-led  Partnership-led
 Big employer  Medium size employer
 Investment in internal capacity  Investment in community capacity
 Responding to demand  Influencing demand
 Small numbers of big providers  A diverse network of providers

That basically means if you want a council service, you'll have to provide it yourself or hope some other organisation will provide it.

We will have more details of the actual proposals on Wednesday 9 December




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Budget Consultation 2018+ information
Opened 12 Dec 2017, closes 15 Jan 2018. The Budget consultation document and online survey is here:
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