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Tue, 11 September 2018
corbyn -labour bigger

Corbyn gets the popular vote


Birmingham chose Labour on the whole at the election. Only Sutton Coldfield voted for the Tories.

Jeremy Corbyn held a huge rally in the city in the last few days before voting. Brum's Eastside Park had a large corwd to see him and actor and comedian Steve Coogan and pop act Clean Bandit come along to make it a atmospheric event.

At the election the Birmingham Mail reported that "Labour's 62.6% share of the vote in the city exceeded the previous modern day high of 55% during Tony Blair's landslide in 1997", which made Jeremy Corbyn more popular than Tony Blair's first victory.

With the Tories now in chaos, after their reduced majority, it looks like some more of the extreme measures in thier manifesto may be forgotten about or watered down. Some MPs have also said it's time to look at items like public sector pay restraint. If this gains momentum , we may at last see a decent wage rise as opposed to the current 1%. At the time of writing inflation is running at nearly 3%.

Meanwhile the momentum of the popular vote for Corbyn means that it's unlikely in the short term , his leadership will be challlenged.



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