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Action for Accidents At Work


Health and Safety Reporting Process for Members



In the event of an accident occurring, the following steps should be taken:



  1. Complete the accident/incident reporting form and notify local steward or Branch Health and Safety Officer. If you are unable to complete accident/incident reporting form yourself advise your manager who must do it for you.


  1. Unison recommends you keep a copy of the form for your records before sending.


  1. Ensure that the accident is recorded correctly and fully in accident reports. Provide as much information as possible as to what has happened. The cause of the accident should be reported. An opinion is able to be given regarding whom or what is to blame for the accident.


  1. Take photographs if necessary to provide evidence of the cause of the accident, location, relevant equipment’s etc.


  1. Ask your local rep or branch to be immediately referred through the union for free legal advice.


  1. Members can also complete unison accident benefit claim form. Please contact branch or local rep for more details.



Contact details for Unison Branch Health & Safety Officer:

Abdul Sattar

19th Floor, McLaren Building, 46 Priory Queensway, Birmingham B4 7LR

0121 200 3331









In the last 6 month's members of Unison Birmingham Branch have been awarded £146,646.40 for accidents at work, the branch has supported our members in fighting for compensation and we are really proud of this outcome!

If you have an accident at work make sure you report it as soon as possible, this includes:

Recording it in the accident book, reporting any risks or problems to the employer that caused the accident, telling your safety representative and/or a steward and checking that the employer has reported the incident to the HSE.

Sick pay:

If you have an accident at work and are unable to attend afterwards you have the right to sick pay. This could be either occupational sick pay or statutory sick pay. Details of your occupational sick pay (if any) are listed in your employment contract. If your company does not pay occupational sick pay you are entitled to statutory sick pay id you are on sick leave for more than three days – this includes weekends and days you would not usually work.

Claiming for injury at work:

If you believe your employer is at fault for your injury at work contact your Unison rep, they will be able to help you take the next steps or point you in the right direction.

"If you make a claim, you are likely to require legal assistance. UNISON can support you with this and can supply legal services. Remember to act quickly, as claims must be made within three years of the incident.

Your employer must have liability insurance for this kind of claim, and must display a copy of the certificate of insurance at the workplace or make it available in electronic form or, in certain circumstances, provide a copy upon request"

- quoted from Unison National website







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