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Tue, 20 June 2017

2 Year Final Pay Offer


At NJC pay negotiations held on 9 December 2015, the Local Government Association (LGA) made school and council workers a two-year final pay offer.

We are just giving the details now to get the message out quickly and we will comment on it later.

The offer is for 1% for 2016/7 and 1% for 2017/8 for all spine points 18 and above, with slightly higher percentage increases for spine points 6 -18.

The offer represents a 2.4% increase on the pay bill over the period 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2018.

How It Affects Us In Birmingham

In Birmingham City Council and Birmingham schools using the Birmingham Contract, Grade 1 staff (spine points 6 – 10) are paid the Living Wage, which goes up annually from April each year in accordance with a formula maintained by the Living Wage Foundation.

Grade 2 staff are on a range of spine points 11 – 19. For those not on the top two points, 18 and 19, the offer means slightly more than 1% per year, ranging from 6.3% - 1.01% in 2016/7 and 2.5% - 1.3% in 2017/8.

For Grade 3 to Grade 7 staff, the offer is for 1% in 2016/7 and 1% in 2017/8.

Fair Treatment For Schools Support Staff

As part of the pay offer, the LGA agreed to our call for fair treatment for school support staff through a joint review of term-time working. However, they were not prepared to meet the other element of our claim, calling for the retention and protection of Part 2 conditions.

A Higher Claim

During the further negotiations held on 9th December 2016, the Trade Union Side put forward counter proposals for a two-year offer similar to the recent Scottish local government two year pay settlement. We called for deletion of spine points below the UK Living Wage and for those on spine points above – 1.5% in year 1 and 1% in year 2. The LGA took these proposals away but then refused to move from their final offer, claiming that they were unable to move from a 1% increase in each year for those above spine point 18.

The NJC trade unions expressed their disappointment at the LGA’s refusal to consider our counter proposal but believe the pay offer is the best achievable by negotiation and have agreed to consult our members on it.

We Will Consult With You

UNISON, GMB and Unite are now meeting separately in early January to decide their position on the offer and to agree their union’s consultation process.



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