March Health and Safety Update 

Questions and answers below.


Both Buildings


  • Can more temperature thermometers be placed throughout the buildings so employees can check temperatures?  This has been looked at but there are concerns over the accuracy and ongoing calibration of ‘stand-alone’ units. Also, experience shows that such units are likely to be removed and go missing and therefore will need regular replacement.  As there is a budget pressure this is not currently deemed ‘reasonably practicable’. We are, however, exploring the purchase of “accurate” thermometers so that building management can undertake spot checks where temperatures are being queried.
  • Woodcock Street and Lancaster Circus carpets in certain areas are filthy can these areas be cleaned.  There is a budget pressure so significant additional cleaning is not deemed ‘reasonably practicable’. However, if there are specific areas of concern these should be raised with the individual Building Managers and will be dealt with on a case by case basis. It is clear following the recent bad weather that some areas have been affected and building management will review these areas in the context of the overall cleaning requirements for the buildings.  
  • Request updates on Risk Assessment for Lancaster Circus and Woodcock Street.  These have been sent but can be sent again if they are required. They can be requested from the individual building managers.

1 Lancaster Circus


  • Glass Panels in Lancaster Circus cracked inside and out about 8 on the fourth floor and other floors. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?  The list of affected windows is attached. These have been investigated by Building Management and Acivico. The windows do not present any immediate risk as the glass is laminated.  Following the inspection, the list has been prioritised and a quote has been requested from Acivico for repairs.
  • Blinds fixings being loose and signs of cracks – 1 blind frame cover quite heavy have fallen on fourth floor luckily no injuries.  These should be raised directly with building management. If they are given a location and desk number they can investigate further.
  • Dust blowing out of vents incident on fourth-floor zone 17 near meeting room 411 and also toilet walls near hand dryer and other areas in the Lancaster building has dust showing. These are extract vents and therefore should not blow outwards. The maintenance team have been asked to investigate further.
  • Basement door constantly open in Lancaster circus where some kind of generators are kept?  We think the door in question is the maintenance room and as far as we are aware it is always closed unless the maintenance or building management teams are in there.  If the problem continues this should be raised with building management with an exact location for the door to allow them to investigate further.

10 Woodcock Street


  • Woodcock Street glass panels shattered and concerned employees fearing of glass falling – can the area be made safe or some kind of awareness made visible for employees. – A response has been sent previously in relation of the safety of the area. In regard to the progress of the repair the scaffold is in place to replace window - it has been delayed by the inclement weather for the last month or so but is down for replacement during weekend 10th/11th March.
  • The glass door in room 306 at woodcock street has been missing for nearly a year any updates on when this will be replaced? – This has now been replaced.


Some of the items above have changed status so if you would like an update, please contact your building services or contact the Branch Health and Safety officer on .


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