July 10 Council And Schools Strike

Strike Image

July 10th is an opportunity to strike a major blow for Fairer Pay. 

In 5 years, we’ve had 3 years of no pay increase and 2 of just 1%. That means our earnings have dropped by 20% in real terms against inflation. At the same time, gas and electricity costs alone have increased by 88%.

The Government wants to peg public sector pay increases to just 1% a year. This strike is not just about this year but is a demand for fair pay from now on.

480,000 Local Government and Schools workers earn less than the Living Wage. We have the lowest pay in the public sector. In Birmingham Council where the Living Wage is paid, the 1% pay offer means not even a penny more for our Living Wage Grade 1 members.

Thousands of Birmingham Council staff have also suffered the loss of thousands of pounds of shift and weekend pay allowances from 2011 onwards. They need a proper pay rise now.

Striking is never easy – especially when finances are tight. But we must all show together that we are prepared to defend our pay, our jobs and our services.

With the support of unions representing 2 million public sector workers, July 10 will be our biggest chance to get a better pay deal.


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