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Dear Home Care Member

Rota Dispute –YES The One Day Strike on Wed 18 November IS STILL ON.

On Monday and Tuesday of last week (9/10 November) at our three members meetings, there was a strong vote (80% in favour of over 200 in attendance) to stage a one day strike on Wednesday 18 November. We have issued formal notice of the strike and we are asking you to take a one day strike on Wednesday 18 November.

You will have received a letter from Home Care management setting out their version of talks that took place on Wednesday 12 November. We were not consulted about the detailed terms of this letter and it misrepresents the discussion we had.

Your strength of support has made management offer some more. They say they will withdraw the 3 in 5 rota from North (not until 4 January) and redesign the rotas to be started no later than 1 April 2016.

BUT UNISON does not believe that the new proposals go far enough and they mean that our North members will have to continuing working the 3 in 5 Rota for another seven and a half weeks.

Why We Should Continue With A One Day Strike On Wednesday 18th

  • Our North members are really struggling working the new rota. They need to go back to the old rota much sooner than in seven and a half weeks.
  • You as Home Carers need to show your strength if you are to get a fair and workable rota.
  • Management’s proposals on the design of the rota have not changed since our last members meetings in which they were  rejected by the majority of you, the members.
  • They say the new rotas will be started no later than 1 April 2016. But this means they can start any time before that.
  • They are still insisting on a 3 weekends in 5 rota, not a 1 in 2 rota.
  • There is no offer on travelling time to work, travelling distance and time between calls, fair sharing of earlies and lates, consecutive days off, staff working more shifts, premium pay for working weekends, grading or signing the Ethical Care Charter and other serious areas of concern to you.
  • We must take strike action on Wednesday to preserve your right to take further strike action in the future if management do not provide an acceptable rota and meet your concerns.

Proposal To Have A Shorter Strike On Wednesday 18th

We are giving management until 5.00pm on Monday 16 November to come up with an improved offer. If they do so to our satisfaction, we are prepared to call a shorter strike on Wednesday 18th. A shorter strike would be up to 1 hour, with a members meeting. This will reduce the impact on the public and still preserve your right to take further strike action in the future, if talks fail.

Text or Email Us To Show You Still Support The One Day Strike On Wed 18th.

This is your dispute and management are always saying our members are happy with the rotas and do not want to strike. We do not have time to hold members meetings before the strike but we need to know you still support what we are doing. 

Please Text /Email Us and Tell Us    

YES I want a one day strike on Wed 18
  OR I want a shorter strike on Wed 18

info@birminghamunison.co.uk  Text/Voice Mail 07584 707 257

We believe management is still intending to introduce their unacceptable rotas. You need to show them that they will not get away with this. You must stand together NOW and take action so that we show them how strongly you oppose their rotas.

Yours in solidarity

Caroline Johnson, Branch Secretary
Lisa Kelly, Senior Steward Home Care
Graeme Horn, Branch Officer
Mark New, UNISON Regional Officer

What To Do On The One Day Strike

  • If you are asked by your manager if you are going on strike, you do NOT have to tell them. UNISON has already informed management that all our Home Care members are striking on Wednesday 18 November. You can tell your manager if you personally wish.
  • We are on strike for both shifts on Wednesday 18 November.
  • If you are on annual leave, come to the strike rally / members meeting as below.
  • Are you breaking your contract ? Can you be disciplined ? Striking is always a breach of contract but the law protects you from being disciplined for striking. They can only stop your pay.
  • Is your pension affected? There is a tiny effect on your pension because you will not be paid for one day, but your pension is calculated over the whole year and for the many years you are not on strike.
  • We are not asking you to picket a workplace, just to come to the strike rally / meeting
  • More detailed advice will be posted on www.birminghamunison.co.uk from Monday morning

Strike Rally / Members Meeting

11.00 Wednesday 18 November

Car’s Lane Church Centre, 
alongside Marks & Spencers, Bham City Centre

At this meeting we will bring together all our Home Care members and you will be able to discuss and decide on what happens next, what are our priorities should be in future talks about the rotas, and what issues we should be raising.

We are inviting a small number of speakers with national and regional expertise in Home Care.

This is your dispute and you need to shape everything that happens and make the key decisions.



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