Government Plans Forced Academisation of Schools


First the government indirectly forced schools to become academies via extortion through imposing draconican austerity measures which the schools couldn't meet so they had to become academies to survive. Now the government have proposed to force all schools to become academies regardless. This is fascism plain and simple.

Please sign and share the 2 petitions below which oppose forcing schools to become academies. Below the petitions are links to some information about academisation of schools.

“When schools become academies the property deeds are handed over at no cost to unaccountable academy chains. Often, the ownership of the public land, institutions and school equipment is entirely transferred to the private sector.

This wholesale move to academies amounts to a sweeping privatisation of our schools.

Ultimately this will result in huge sums of money being transferred from the taxpayer to the unaccountable private sector, through under-the-radar profiteering. The beneficiaries also happen to be brimming with Tory party donors and members of the House of Lords. This money is being extracted from our children’s education…While academies may be funded by the state, they are now owned by private sector interest….schools do not choose to become academies because they believe they are better, but to survive arbitrary austerity conditions imposed by the government.” (


Scrap plans to force state schools to become academies. – Petitions

Hold a public inquiry and a referendum over turning all schools into academies – Petitions






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