Four More Years Of Pay Misery

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The Conservatives are planning four more years of public sector pay increases limited to 1% or lower. The Chancellor George Osborne’s budget statement this year included a 1% public sector pay cap until 2016, that is for this year and next year.

On Sunday 6 July, Tory Minister Matt Hancock announced that the pay freeze would continue for a further two years until 2018.

Our pay increases for the last 5 years have been just






And if the Government gets their way it will be 1% for the next four years !

Is it any wonder that our real wages have fallen by 20% against inflation during this period. How much more will they fall by over the next 4 years ?

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady also criticised the Government for refusing to increase pay for the public sector.

She said: ‘What firefighters, local government workers and health workers who are protesting too alongside teachers are saying is that this Government is not listening, it’s out of touch, people can’t keep going on having cuts in their living standards, depending on benefits.

‘What really sticks in the throat is the idea that money can be found to give tax cuts to billionaires, to millionaires and to big corporations, but it can’t be found to help, for example, the 500,000 workers in local government – dinner ladies, school meals workers, lollipop men and women – who are earning less than the minimum wage.’ 

Thursday July 10 is a critical strike day to challenge this Government policy of steadily cutting away at our pay. 


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