Introduction to Libraries

Libraries are a statutory service . Birmingham City Council is obliged to provide a Library Service that is comprehensive and extensive under the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act.

Community Libraries


Under the current city council cut proposals some libraries are under threat of closure. Unfortunately Wylde Green has closed , Aston is still under threat.

Thanks to public campagning Springhill and West Heath libraires have been saved from closure.

Staffing levels have been reduced, which could impact on opening hours. More savings are proposed , more closures could follow. 

In addition the City Council is also considering a staff led mutual set to run all council community libraries . Unison opposed this and it remains a challenging  time for library workers.


Library Of Birmingham


The new Library of Birmingham has raised it's own challenges due to the change from becoming a popular tourist attraction as well as a library. This has lead to members having greater demands made of them and the way in which the library is managed is also a challenge to members



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