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Housing UNISON members like all members are facing a number of challenging issues over the coming months. These are a brief outline on some of the issues your representatives are currently dealing with.

Service Reviews

Housing UNISON representatives have recently met with Management to discuss a number of planned service reviews, to include Concierge and Night time security, Annual Visits, Letting Suites and GR Hubs, Rent Teams Restructure.  Further review meeting are proposed for ASB review and Supporting people.

All these reviews will mean changes of some kind for our members.

Once UNISON Housing Representatives have full details of these reviews we will of course be arranging meeting with the affected members to discuss your concerns. 

Managing Attendance Procedure

Housing Reps have noticed an increase in the amount of hearings and reviews being held with our members regarding the MAP clearly this is linked to Birmingham City Council attempt to “tackle sickness absences”.
We encourage all members to ensure you have a UNISON steward present with you at ALL stages of the MAP, from the RTW through to any reviews or hearings.

UNISON members have also probably seen a recent additional document to be included with the MAP to come into effect 2014. UNISON believes these further changes to the MAP are even more draconian then the current procedure. We have NOT agreed these changes and continue to oppose any further attacks on our members who are absent from work due to ill health.

Bedroom Tax / Welfare Reform/ Universal Credit

UNISON Housing section is extremely concerned the effects the proposed Bedroom Tax and Universal Credit changes will not only have on our customers but the knock on effect on our members.

We have requested a meeting with Senior Management and finance officers to discuss our concerns and to establish how the Directorate and Birmingham City Council propose to respond to these changes.

This meeting has been arranged for later November.

Tracy Carberry – Section Secretary 
Mark Spence / Lynda Lea – JS Convenors 
James Gillespie JS – Chair



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