Directorate Assistant Branch Secretary

Teresa O'Gorman

(full time)

Tel 0121 200 7144

UNISON Mobile: 07584 707262

Senior Stewards

Howard Smith


Howard Smith

Tel: 0121 200 7141

UNISON Mobile: 07584 707254

 (Works: Mon-Wed)


Claudette Pryce

Tel: 0121 200 7127

(works: Mon/Fri)


Lorell Akins

Tel: 0121 200 7131 

(works: Wed)


Roschella Griffith

Tel: 0121 200 7129 

 (Works: Wed)

Other Elected Workplace Stewards

Valerie Clarke
, (Children's Services South)  Lifford House, Fordhouse Lane,Strirchley, Birmingham B30 3BW


Michael Gayle (kitts Green Children's Centre) 454 Ridpool Road, B33 9RB


Joanna Green (Reameadow Chilkdren's Centre) 5, Riverbrook Drive, Stirchley B30 2SH


Margaret Keating Edgwood Children's Home,95-101 Edgwood Rd, B38 9RU


Sharon Carby-McLean Birmingham Virtual School, 67 Sutton New Road, Erdington, Birmingham, B23 6QT

Melanie Payne 1 Lancaster Circus Queensway, Birmingham, B4 7DJ





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