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Where to now?- opinion on the Library Of Birmingham

With the winding up of the controversial self appointed Library of Birmingham Trust, the focus of the Post is back on what to do now. The Trust was  supposedly a body set up to engage philanthropic money from the private sector , but rumours have always been around that they were originally set up to run the Library . The Labour group seem to have not seen any use for the Trust and with  its' poor record of not reaching income targets , it's been wound up.   

Meanwhile, Google have been and gone from the buidling and a TV production company - 7 Wonder has hired part of a floor. The Brasshouse is moving in at a cost of £2.1 million and they promise to pay rent on their space . Nearly 100 people were made redundant last year and yet, now part time staff are being recruited for extended opening hours.

The Post, a business friendly paper, has it's own opinion on the next steps

Library of Birmingham might be unworkable - but that's no reason not to try





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