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Visitors to Libraries in Birmingham up and down

Some staff have guessed for a while now that visitors to the Library Of Birmingham have dropped but there are now figures to confirm it. 

An article in the Birmingham Post confirms what some staff have known for a while , that visits to the Library of Birmingham were getting less. It also points out that the cost ofkeeping it open is about £70,000 a day because of huge interest payments

A total of 1.83 million people passed through the doors of the library in 2015 – which works out at about 5,000 per day based on a six-day week. In 2014 it was 2.4 million.

What the article doesn't show is the peak times for visiting. Birmingham Unison conducted a survey some time ago which showed that the peak visiting times were 10-4pm and it tailed off after that. What the figures may be now that the Library is open until 9pm from 9am most days is guesswork.

In contrast the article points out that some community libraries have seen their visitor number rise. The fate of Community Libraries is still uncertain as plans for mutuals have been "parked" for the time being. Some smaller libraries are in need of much repair and staff shortage is a common problem, with reports of staff being told to go and work in other libraries apart from their "home" one.


for more see The Birmingham Post 19.02.16


Download Library use figures 2015

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