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Politicians in Europe have given the thumbs up to continue hashing out TTIP. [1] That’s the shady trade deal between the EU and the US that puts companies' profits before ordinary people. [2] Most people still don’t know what TTIP is - or how much is at stake. Together, we urgently need to change that, because the shady deal has just been given a boost.

So let’s keep making sure that people are talking about why it's bad for all of us. TTIP is negotiated in the interests of the mega rich - and it’ll give corporations the right to sue our government for billions if they don’t like their policies. Talking about this deal is the last thing politicians will want us to do this summer.

Here’s the plan. On Saturday 22nd August, thousands of us will join together in high streets and town centres across the UK. We’ll be collecting signatures for the massive EU-wide petition against TTIP. [3] If each of us collects 10 signatures, imagine how many more people we’ll have joining the campaign! Before long, the public will start to turn against TTIP - that’s when politicians and officials will lose.

Are you in? We’ll be coming together on Saturday 22nd August, meeting up at 11am on our high streets, nationwide. 

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