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TIPP deal to provide the UK with few or no benefits

Teh controversial TIPP agreement for transatlantic trade between the USA and the EU has been denounced by an LSE Report on behalf on the Government.


Campaign group 38 degrees summarised the TIPP agenda as having "no significant economic benefit to the UK". Liklely to have "meaningful costs" to the UK. In other words it can potentially cost us a great deal of money. It will also have no poliotical benefits to the UK.


The TIPP agreement, which is being championed by the USA in behind closed doors meetings with the EU , will mean that potentially USA corporations can sue or even infleunce governments. 

A public campaign has waned of the dangers of the TIPP deal coming to fruition.


For more on this see http://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/may/01/leaked-ttip-documents-cast-doubt-on-eu-us-trade-deal


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