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And so the "#Brum" film danceathon was shown to the world last weekend. Yep the only decent bit of the city centre not covered by building work and cranes and half demolished ruins was on show to all.

Apparantly the public were barred from Victoria Square for the weekend and look closely and you could see a few folks standing around the edges.

On social media the reviews were mixed to say the least- some felt it didn't exaclty show the city off in the best light what with a Brummie rapper which some wrote they couldn't understand and a short film added in.  

Oh well at least some people were happy , maybe Andy Street who got flown out to Queensland( at whose expense I wonder?).  

Someone else who maybe happy is Neil Carney, named as £120,000 a year project director, who will oversee major events and investment. ( according to the Birmingham Post) That's £120k a year paid out of the city council budget and of course he needs a group of workers around him to get things done and I wonder if they'll all be paid for out of the Council monies?

All this while £15 million worth of cuts are to be found.



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