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Shock at No Future Council costs

Unison Birmingham has learnt that the cost of The Future Council programme is in the millions!

The intial cost of the programme is £4million and an additional £1m  a year till 2020.  This is all taking place at the time BCC is supposed to be under the pressure to cut costs. It hardly seems to fit in with that does it?

We've also learnt that many of the new BCC Directors have been with Nottingham Council and the presentation given to Unions seems to be full of the usual " management speak" ( nonsensical words that don't really mean anything , but sounds intelligent). So expect lots of "direction of travel" and such. 

The indications are that the Corporate types in BCC want to "modernise" the T&C's (eg: cut them and make things worse for the workforce conditions) and join hands with big business, therefore it's been labelled the "No Future" contract by some in Unison.

 In this performance driven culture,  what of the workers who've given loyal public service for 20 years or more  but may not be as physically dynamic as they once were? One new director's attitude was "we're not a charity!". 

It's good to know they value the staff eh?




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