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It's looking all rather grim for BCC finances. There was no news in the recent Autumn Statement about more money for local government. The presumed future is that the Council tries to do more deals with private companies, either that or sell off more of its real estate to China or the Far East. (Something which it's done at pace this year).

With the Council cuts by about £100 million in 2017-18 it looks like the axes are being sharpened and heads being scratched as what to do next. Clancy has decided not to top up the Pension fund of the West Midlands Pension Fund. Presumably this means a bigger black hole in the fund which most of BCC's employees are part of.  

It appears that accoring to the Chamberlain files, turf wars between departments are already taking place as departments argue who should be cut and who shouldn't.

Also when more cuts come , how will the public react when 2018 is ear marked for local elections. Will Labour lose some of its grip, punsihed for nothing but cuts, or will the public turn their anger on the Tory govenment?

In other news the BCC leader seems to be delighted that the government has trampled all over the objections of Sutton residents and local Tory MPs and announced the decimation of swathes of Greenbelt to build thousands of homes. But wait , where's the infrastructure to support them? Oh yes it's in the areas that are already established. Apparantly the excuse is that BCC has looked at all the Brownfield sites and there aren't enough to build on. But BCC doesn't say if its looked at disused factory sites, empty propereties and shops. I wonder if this is because house buildling firms can ask for top dollar for housing on desirable near countryside locations. 

Is there a link between the building firms and BCC? I doubt we'd be told if there was.



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