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Council Tax hikes to pay for care services



Nine out of ten councils are using new powers to impose council tax hikes of up to 4% this year. This could be to raise funds to combat the crisis in care services for the elderly and disabled.

Council leaders have warned that this may not be enough to prevent things getting worse. £2.5bn has been cut from funding for local services by the Tory government.

The Chancellor brought in a new rule to allow council's to raise taxes by 1.99% to go to care fuinding.The Local Government Association says that 143 out of152 local authorities are considering or have approved the rise. The vice chair of the LGA, Nick Forbes said care services were "at breaking point", adding "Vulnerable members of the community still face an uncertain future next year..."

Also as money is diverted to care services, some council's expect other services like road maintenance and libraries to suffer.



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