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Council Asked To Cut Strike Pay Costs

Deputy Branch Secretary, Caroline Johnson has written to the Councillor Afzal, senior Labout Group member responsible for HR, to request that the council makes a deduction to pay for July 10 strikers based on 1/365th of annual earnings.

For previous years, the Council has deducted pay at the rate of 1/260th of annual pay, assuming a full time worker works 5 days per week x 52 weeks = 260 days per year. Some employers are more lenient and make the lower deduction of 1/365ths.

Caroline Johnson has also asked that the payb deductions are staged over 2 months.

After 5 years of zero or 1% pay increases, and the effective loss of 20% of the spending power of our members, every pound counts.

The branch has also asked that the total pay saved by thousands of striking staff on July 10th should be used to reduced the threat of compulsory reduundancies.



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