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Clancy's Cabinet Changes

So a new broom approach seems to be going on rewarding political allies and getting rid of political foes. Just like in Westminster.

See www.birminghamunison.co.uk/news-archive/-clancy--changes-council-cabinet


What will the new faces do? Who knows? It's early days but concern might be had on the appointment of Cllr Ian Ward to Culture , replacing Penny Holbrook.

According to the Chamberlain Files:

"Ian Ward, the deputy council leader, will take responsibility for overseeing culture and the arts, driving ahead with plans to involve the private sector and voluntary sector in helping fund Birmingham’s cultural offer."

Readers may remember that Cllr Ward was allied to the Library Of Birmingham Trust. A body set up to not only encourage private donations to the library but according to some sources to privately run it. When the Trust failed to deliever , it was broken up. So what may be Cllr Ward's plans for Libraries now. What will involving the private sector mean and will he go down the route of trying volunteers to run the local libraries? An idea , by the way , that's proved disastorous for users and staff alike in authorities like Herefordshire.

We wait and wonder?


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