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Bin strike over -victory for Union!

In an attempt to  not go through a probably very expensive legal battle, BCC have struck a deal with the Unions over the long running bin strike.

The deal leaves the Unions with more or less what they wanted and will see no loss of wages for the Binmen. Instead of the job losses, a new role at the same grade will be created and there'll be more emphasis on Recycling.

The Guardian reports:

“Rather than rolling over, they (the Binmen) stood firm through thick and thin to defend their jobs and the service they provide to the city of Birmingham"

For more see The Guardian

So all this and BCC say they'll pay the legal costs for Unite!

No wonder the Council has announced an enquiry and it may be that someone will end up taking the blame for this and it won't be Clancy beacuse he has already gone.

This is definaite result for workers sticking together and the public backing them. It is also crucial that the legal process over ruled BCC. 


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