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Tue, 19 September 2017
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Tue, 29 August 2017
Bin strike gets ugly
Tue, 01 August 2017
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Tue, 29 November 2016

So the Bin strike lingers on and it seems as if the local Press have (naturally) lined up against the binmen.

The Birmingham Mail reports that their "shunning new job offers", which isn't true. They just didn't turn up for a few job fairs which seem to be offering temporary posts.


Media reports have also said that the Council are trying to face down the Unions.

But the Council have problems too.

There's  the thorny problem that the Labour council have been fighting mostly workers in the Unite union, who of course have a Corbyn allie in Len McClusky, Unite's boss. Will Jeremy be pleased?

Meanwhile a petition has been created by a Tory councillor and signed by a few thousand to demand a rebate on their council tax for uncollected waste.Apparantly it's being considered for missed green waste collections. Added to that the no doubt huge bill for bringing in agency workers to mop up some of the uncollected bins and the Council have another huge debt to pay.

Let's hope for a just and fair solution soon for the Binmen.





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