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A BCC own goal but your Pension may be safe

So the latest news from the Birmingham Mail suggets that BCC has put up the Green Bin collection fee. The Tory Councillors objected but lost the vote.

Will the hike in prices result in lost votes? Is this an own goal? We wait to see.

Meanwhile the good news is that your BCC pension is safe . Well sort of. After John Clancy saying he would save money by not putting any in the West Midlands Pension Scheme

The mail repsorts "It is not only illegal not to pay up, but failure to meet commitments could lead to a BHS-sized crisis and leave many future pensioners out of pocket, they warned. The email also suggested Cllr Clancy was isolated among the seven West Midlands council leaders on this issue."

It goes on to say

"Everyone had set out their stall on the controversy until this week when the council’s finance director Jon Warlow told the audit committee that some sort of deal has been struck – although he was too coy to mention a number as it wasn’t his place."

"But sources suggest we are looking at the council paying a scaled down £48 million – which puts up to £24 million back into the council’s usable budget next year. For comparison the community library service will cost £3.7 million to run next year, while a few thousand will keep lollipop ladies on the streets.

And, of course, Cllr Clancy’s blushes are saved, while the pension fund keeps the majority of its bailout. Isn’t compromise wonderful?"

So that's alrght then, the Pension scheme has only got a smaller black hole in it then? Maybe don't plan on those retirement cruises just yet?



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