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Left Leave is the unheard voice of many

If you are a Remainer then you are following the guidance that national UNISON has published.

But what if you feel you want to leave the EU but feel guilty about it because you think that's only for right wingers and Sun readers?

Then you're not alone. The Left case for exiting the EU has been drowned out by the right wing of the Tory Party and UKIP. The Brexit camp seem to be represented by no one else.

However, it wasn't that long ago that Jeremy Corbyn was actively opposing the EU and the late great Tony Benn was no fan either. Both Dennis Skinner and John Mann have come out in favour of leaving.

The Left Leave campaign has gone under the radar, as presumably it doesn't have wealthy backers.

But it's there.

The movie LEXIT brings together views and if you have a spare hour it's worth watching for an alternative point of view





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